The Church On the Other Side: Doing Ministry In the Postmodern Matrix



The Church On the Other Side: Doing Ministry In the Postmodern Matrix
Brian D. McLaren

Making the leap from yesterday to today If you're a church leader or committed member and you're tired of easy steps and facile formulas for church health, growth, and renewal, then this book points the way to thoughtful action and profound, liberating change.

Discover the importance of redefining your mission, finding fresh ways to communicate the gospel, and engaging today's culture with understanding. Brian McLaren shows you thirteen practices for navigating towards a vibrant church that can reach out and serve the conviction and confidence in today's changing new world.


I am not crazy - I'm just in tune
By Harald Giesebrecht
Many of us younger Christians have this nagging feeling that something is very "sub-optimal" about the way most churches "do church". We watch Christian television and feel embarrassed, we go to church and feel awkward, and sometimes we wonder if we are rebellious individualists, about-to-be apostates or just too unspiritual to see the beauty of the awkwardness. Many of us just leave...

After reading Brian McLaren's: "Church on the other side", I feel a lot better. It turns out there is a healthy reason for my more or less subconscious and unproductive aggression. What is going on is that some of us, both Christians and others have made the paradigm shift into the postmodern mindset, whereas quite a few... most Christians and a lot of others haven't. My rebellion, it turns out, is not against Christ or the church, but against the impossibility of communicating the gospel to post moderns within a modern framework. My rebellion is not against Christianity itself, but against parts of the modern mindset that has been confused with Christianity, but turns out to be just culture.

Anybody interested in understanding the future of Christianity will benefit greatly from reading some of McLarens books, and "Church on the other side" is not a bad place to start. His treatment of the seven modernist viruses from which the church must be "debugged" is it to prosper in the new millennium, is alone worth the price of the book.

If I had to pick just one book...
By Bob Hyatt
If I had to pick just one book to recommend to a Christian leader who is finding that the "way we have always done it" just isn't working or even making sense anymore it would be this book. Absolutely revolutionary. Yes, there are things that Brian picks up that I may choose not to, but that's part of the point! We need to get back to majoring on the majors and allowing good, healthy dialogue and debate on other things. Wouldn't that be a great witness to a world that is wondering about Christianity to see us dialogue, disagree and still sit in the same pew (or row, or couch) with one another????
We have buried Jesus under a heap of trivialities, and the Church on the other side will begin to dig Him out. As regards betraying the Reformation (as one other reviewer accused McLaren)... In the words of Doug Pagitt, an Emergent leader from the Mid-west, "If you want to honor the Reformers, don't say what they said- do what they did!" McLaren starts us down that hard, but very exciting road.